Meet Beth. My travel savvy sister who seems to land on her feet more times than a cat when it comes to foreign travelling. Not one to brag about her own accomplishments, I'm going to do it for her. She's a lover of language to the root, fluent in Spanish, Russian and Brummie with flecks of Portuguese, South American Spanish and even a cheeky bit of Chinese (shoutout to Katie Ho). She's only a little bean, standing at about 5"2, but somehow managed to survive a year alone in Russia and another in Bolivia without getting squashed or run over. The quality I most admire in Beth is her ability to believe that it's all going to work out (or at least putting on the front that she believes it will be). 

She embodies my favourite philosophy that even the worst days are only 24 hours so they will eventually end no matter how bad they are. 

One of my favourite ever things to happen to Beth happened in October 2015 during her first few months in Bolivia, a risk taker in terms of travel, but not so much health, she is very conscious of what jabs and vaccinations she needs to have before she leaves. In this case however she was unaware that she could contract Typhoid from a pineapple, more accurately the water that the pineapple was washed in. She only found out because she had to get tested for Typhoid to get the Typhoid jab. I got the message 'Babes I have Typhoid' followed by 'I'm on two kinds of antibiotics and also probiotics', honestly I googled Typhoid pretty rapidly to confirm it wasn't fatal and that she wasn't just dumbing it down. I thought she'd learnt the lesson until upon her return to Bolivia after a few weeks home for Christmas I got the message 'I HAVE BUGS AGAIN' yet this time it was amoebas. Just another year in Beth's life.  
For her year abroad during university she found herself in Russia, not one of the safest places to spend a year a the time but definitely the coldest. When my brother, Tim, and Mum went to visit, everyone directed their questions in Russian to Tim expecting the man to be the Russian speaker, and the idea of little Beth butting in to say actually she was the speaker still makes me laugh. People in Russia are blunt, put it that way, here in England every sentence seems to include 'excuse me', 'sorry' 'please' or 'thank you' sometimes all four. So the hardest thing for me to imagine is Beth assimilating into that environment. She is the least blunt person I know, she's so kind and loving that I can't see her battling her way through Russian crowds and streets yet somehow she survived and lived to tell some pretty amazing tales.

 If you're interested in reading about her actual adventures check out her travel blog.

It's not just her language and travel abilities that make Beth someone to admire. She's also extremely creative – see Stu the Cockatoo to the right – and takes some pretty amazing photographs as well. I need her to be my blogger boyfriend/the person that follows you around taking loads of aesthetic photographs. She was the one who really pushed me to start this blog rather than just talking about it all the time. I'm a talker and a dreamer while Beth is 100% a do-er. She's very quick to put things into perspective, even the worst things can be sorted out and as someone who is prone to overreacting she is my perfect counterpart. In all honesty I don’t really know what I would do without Beth. We have our spats and our arguments, less so now that we live apart (as is always the way with siblings) but we never take anything too seriously which is one of the reasons that we can talk about the most serious things. 

Everything in our little world can be laughed at if you just approach it with the right outlook and Shrek quotes.