40 things to help you procrastinate.

by - 5/26/2017 08:00:00 pm

So this year I'm heading off to university and there are so many things to do yet I'm here refusing to do them and I'm not entirely sure why. There are times when I'm a master procrastinator and times when I'm super productive. It is actually really easy to notice when we're procrastinating but sometimes we don't want to admit it. I've definitely been procrastinating in terms of blogging hence the delay in post! I've found some really cool things in the procrastination haze, so I give to you the top 40 things to do to procrastinate.

1. Open facebook and reply to all the messages that you've forgotten to answer.
2. Scroll up and down twitter till you've seen the same ladbible post 10 times.
3. Suddenly realise that it has been two weeks since you changed your bedding and that it needs to be done instantly.
4. Need the toilet every ten seconds because your bladder suddenly becomes the weakest mechanism in your body. 
5. Insist that you can't do anything without a cup of tea so make a cup every twenty minutes.
6. No work can be done without snacks which require extravagant attention and presentation.
7.Your pens need to be in colour order because how else will you tell them apart.
8. Open Instagram and find that all your mates' have posted some fire selfies that all need unique comments.
9. Remember that you're cooking dinner and you need to find that perfect recipe to decide not to use.
10. Watch 100 videos of cakes or doughnuts being glazed without bubbles so perfectly.
11. Decide that you suddenly need to know what breed of dog is perfect for your star sign.
12. Check Facebook again only to find out that there's lots of new content on the dogspotting group.
13. Pet needs a cuddle or they will be sad so better go cat hunting.

14. Find our whether or not you would pass a 1957 sex ed class.
15. Take a bath, procrastinating is stressful business.
16. Notice how lacking in money you are and go on a penny hunt around the house.
17. Doodle and realise your artistic calling in life.
18. Stare out of the window and pretend to think about why we were made and what really is the purpose of this life.
19. Write a blog post that you'll never ever publish.
20. Make a playlist of songs that you are currently loving but will be sick of in a week.
21. Only got 1 whole pack of tea bags left? Better go out and buy some more.
22. Decide that you need to find out whether you truly are a procrastinator. 
23. Watch a video on how candles are made.
24. That new series got added on Netflix and you need to watch all the episodes before some fool ruins it for you.
25. Claim you have a passion for creative writing and spend an hour writing a poem about the weather.
26. Take a walk because 'fresh air helps you work'.
27. You actually need apps to be productive so you better spend twenty minutes downloading loads of different apps.
28.You left that avocado in the fridge yesterday and it'll go nasty if you don't make it into guacamole asap.
29. Tidy your desk - as they say 'tidy desk tidy mind'.
30. There's that pinterest recipe you've always wanted to try so better believe you're going to do it now.
31. Plan an outfit for the next night out you're going out - you need a new top so better spend an hour on ASOS finding the perfect one.
32. Colour code that revision timetable.
33. Begin to consider your future and start looking into nursing homes in your area.
34. But seriously what is the Colonel's recipe for that perfect crunchy chicken.
35. Get sucked up in dancing by the music you were playing 'to aid learning'.
36. Reminisce by looking through old photos of better times.
37. Tidy your room because it's suddenly bothering you that you've been living in filth.
38. Make a shopping list knowing full well you're not going to take it with you when you actually go shopping.
39. Get interested in palm reading.
40. Read this very blog post and admire my cat, or some older ones.

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  1. "Start looking into nursing homes in your area" - I'm done, this post is amazing hahaha. (Unfortunately), I can relate to so many of these, especially number 5, that is 100% me when revising. And I love finding new recipes that I'll never actually make and I'm glad it's not just me who gets sick of playlists after a week - I listen to them on repeat until I can never listen to the songs ever again. xx


  2. I'm such a bad procrastinator, but especially when I'm busy, I'll find a way to do anything but my work. Especially now that I've got a new phone, I find that I'm always on instagram haha :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  3. Tank you for all your tips this was a very informative post

  4. Haha this is definitely me, I am the worst procrastinator! I always have to constantly make myself tea and then go to the washroom right when I'm getting work done. Heading off to University is so exciting! I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  5. Although this was hilarious to read I just got major anxiety from this as well!! I suddenly realize I have so much more to do than I thought...have to start now!!

    Stacey, thebambieyes.com

  6. Hehe! Now you've given me more reason to procrastinate while I revise for all my big end-of-year assessments.

    #sweetreats xx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

  7. Ugh I am such a procrastinator too.. But i refuse to sort anything out for uni until i have my results so I can chill for a few more weeks hahah!

    Darriyan xo | http://www.darriyancateland.co.uk/2017/08/welcome-back.html

  8. Is it bad that I do this almost everyday? Great post!
    x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

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